Meet WWSN Executive Director, Angela Kemble

Meet Willow Winds’ Executive Director, Angela Kemble. We sat down with Angela to ask her Four Quick Questions about her work (and a bonus to cover the important things in life.)


Q1: How long have you been WWSN’s Executive Director?

Angela: It will be 9 years in September 2024.

Q2: What brought you to Willow Winds?

Angela: I was a WRaP success coach in the schools in 2013 and 2014 and wanted to continue on my FASD journey. My supervisor for the WRaP program brought me the advertisement for the Executive Director position at NWCFASD Network (now Willow Winds) and encouraged me to apply. I am so grateful she did.

Q3: What are your biggest highlights thus far?

Angela: Putting together such a fabulous team of network employees, having excellent contract agencies who I can trust to bring much needed services to our North, West and Central zones, the terrific partnerships we have made in the past nine years, and the creation of the InReach Projects. I am also really happy to have received my Masters in Business Administration to help me run the network as a sound business, reducing risk and increasing success and sustainability. I am also excited to currently be taking my Project Management Professional certification to better run the many projects we hope to have in future.

Q4: What’s next?

Angela: I am really hoping to get the InReach project in all the corrections facilities in Alberta. I am excited to see where the WRaP 2.0 project will go after it officially ends January 31, 2026. I look forward to bringing more Restorative Justice themed projects and programs to our Network. The “Not a Number” program, designed to help keep youth from Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking, is a new one for us and I want to bring it to all of our stakeholders and partners that work with youth. I am also looking into having a trainer for Motivational Interviewing 1 and 2 providing this service to stakeholders and partners through a disability lens.

Q5: Big question – pancakes or waffles?

Angela: Pancakes, they absorb more butter and syrup!

Meet Angela Kemble, WWSN Executive Director