In Reach Justice Program

The In Reach program provides annual FASD training for justice facility staff, monthly and bi-monthly FASD Sharing Sessions for residents (inmates), resources, in facility FASD assessment and diagnostics, and FASD informed release plans for residents suspected and diagnosed with FASD in the following facilities in the Edmonton region: Edmonton Remand Centre, Edmonton Institute for Women, Fort. Saskatchewan Correctional Centre, Buffalo Sage Wellness House, Stan Daniels Healing Centre, Grierson Centre, Edmonton Young Offender Centre, Oakhill Ranch, Youcan and YMCA, Edmonton Parole – transitional mentorship/assessment supports.

The In Reach Transition Mentor program provides the following:

*Follow-up support upon release for residents suspected and diagnosed with FASD via in person, phone or online *Support for referral and assistance through clinic *Connection and document assistance to government support programs *Connection to community supports upon release *FASD training for community and natural supports *Transitional support until community connections are established and mentor is no longer the primary support person

For more information, please contact:

Donna Kristiansen  In Reach Program Manager  780-305-8757                                  

Getting a Gladue Report in Alberta

The In Reach Program: Innovative FASD services for corrections staff and residents.

Updates in Justice

In Reach Justice Updates

New updates on our WRaP 2.0 Program and updates will be here. Stay tuned for more information!