Services We Offer

The Assessment and Diagnostic Services provides community-based FASD assessment and diagnostic services and intervention planning for children and adults prenatally affected by alcohol exposure in the Network’s region.

Up until now, children and families requiring these services have had to rely on services outside of the region. This has often resulted in longer wait lists and/or travel outside of the region. Coordinated follow-up support services to children and families on completion of the Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic has been limited as well.

Awareness and Prevention

Our Prevention Conversation program empowers professionals, service workers, friends and family to have those often difficult conversation with women about their alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It is demonstrated in a stigma reducing and supportive manner with the greatest chance of acquiring Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, PAE, in order to have their children assessed or prevent future alcohol impacted pregnancies.

Support Services

We support adults suspected and diagnosed with FASD through a one to one mentorship program.

We support women of child bearing years, who may have or be at risk for substance abuse issues, and their partners and children through our Parent and Child Assistance Program, PCAP.

We support Caregivers of suspected and diagnosed children and youth through Caregiver supports, resources and connection to community resources.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Access to functional assessment for intervention.
Goal: Albertans who may be affected by FASD have access to timely and affordable assessment and diagnostic services.

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Training and Education

The Willow Winds Support Network prides itself on their support of continuous professional development. We are always learning new things from our partners, stakeholders and professional organizations. We also enjoy the opportunities to share our knowledge with these valuable groups. We offer several training opportunities at no cost for those interested.

  1. FASD 101 (1-1 ½ hours, or tailored to suit)
  2. Prevention Conversation (1-1 ½ hours or tailored to suit)
  3. FASD 101/Prevention Conversation (2-3 hours or tailored to suit)
  4. Let’s Get Real, youth FASD training (1-2 hours or tailored to suit)
  5. In Reach training for justice (1-3 hours or tailored to suit)
  6. WRaP 2.0 Education (4 modules)
  7. Not a Number, youth prevention of sexual exploitation and trafficking (5 modules)
  8. FASD/Not a Number (2 Hours)

To book us please call Angela at 780-305-8827 or email at


The Willow Winds Support Network has been involved in a few research projects including:

  • FASD Youth Justice project project evaluating the effectiveness of FASD-informed justice services.
  • FASD Prevention Project creating a visual representation (PCAP Quilt). Using narrative therapy with individuals diagnosed with FASD and their caregivers.
  • FMRI Project – Read More
  • The Canada FASD Research Network National Dataform Project (KBHN, CanFASD and FASD Networks collaboration)
  • Digitally Remote Pediatric Clinical Assessments and Formulation (Lakeland and Willow Winds Support Networks Partnership)
  • FASD & Suicide Prevention, University of Calgary
  • Canadian Interdisciplinary Clinical Capacity to Diagnose FASD (CANDID) Study, Vitalite Health Network

FASD Justice Program

We provide FASD: awareness/prevention/, education/training, assessment/diagnostic, and mentorship supports to residents of participating Edmonton and area justice facilities.


Rapid Access Counselling

Catholic Family Service, a Northwest Central FASD Network Partner

Easy and timely phone/video counselling sessions

Call Toll Free 1.877.244.2360

Local: 403-205-5294

Or visit online:

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